We have been on the web for over a year, with over 12,000 visitors.


It has been good.

         There have been three basic types of responses.

  • First type,
         This is a great model,
           quarks make sense now,
             so that is how protons and neutrons work in the nucleus,
               for the first time I understand why things happen in the nucleus,
                 and other positive statements of support.
  • Second type,
         It cannot be right because it is not quantum mechanical enough,
           or the first order math is simple for this model that canít be right,
             or it is not what I read in the books on the nucleus,
               or its not what I learned.
  • Third type,
         If the solution to the nucleus was this simple and straight forward
         someone would have already discovered it before now, and
             You are not nuclear physicists so what make you think you
             could solve the mystery of nuclear structure when all those
             smart nuclear physicist have not.

All we can say is thank you to those who have bid us well,

     and for the rest.
          Well, we are having fun, and for us that is what is important
               and we are excited about this model
                    especially when something new pops out.

It has been stimulating to realize,
     we understand the nucleus in a way no one ever has or does.
          sometimes a fresh looks at a problem
               or the search for a simpler solutions pays off.

Recently we have been getting the best response. It is the " DA " response, along with
"It is so obvious ",
"Why didnít I think of that",
"So simply beautify it has to be right".

Again thank you all.