Stable Nuclide Table

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This graph shows the Valley of Stability. There are several interesting features that can be observed in this graph.

  • First the path of Stability progresses up the center of the connected stable isotopes.
  • Second the scattering of stable satellite isotopes adjacent to and along the path of stability. Both the path of stability and the stable satellite isotopes are important for understanding the structure of the nucleus.
  • Third the deuteron step that dominates growth of the first 7 elements.
  • Fourth the alpha step that dominates growth from oxygen to argon.
  • Fifth the alpha+2 step that combines with the alpha step to build nuclei beyond argon.
  • Sixth the two proton gaps in stable isotopes at 43 and 61 protons.
  • Seventh the ten neutron gaps in stable isotopes at 19, 21, 35, 39, 45, 61, 71, 89, 115, and123 neutrons.
Nuclide Table